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Quanzhou Bright Bags Co., LTD
Tel: 86-595-22127678
Phone: 86-13559520917
Contact person: LINDA WU
Email: Bright8809@163.com
Web: wwww.backpacksuppliers.com
ADD: #3 West Road of FengHui, Beifeng Industrial Park

Quanzhou Bright Bags Co.,Ltd


They are our old clients. We have been doing business with each other for many years They gave us the most efficient feedback It's good to have a partner like this We'll do our best to serve them!



Each time of the business We will have a negotiation with our clients This one is the most special one We enjoyed it very much!


Factory tours

We always welcome our clients to visit our company and factory Many clients of us choose to do it And then they will find they do the right thing As well as their choice


Having a meeting

We have an excellent sales team when there is a problem, there is a good solution Every time when we face some problems about the product We will have a meeting and discuss with our client At last, everything will gonna be okay!


The product design

We are bag manufacturer We welcome OEM\ODM We also welcome customization Many clients choose to customize their products and have their own logo We respect that and we will do our best!


The delivery speed

The delivery speed of us is good We never loose our trust We are integrity enterprise According to the contract We will never delay!